Harper Cowan

25th September, 2014 

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.26.07 PM

Our next stop was White Hawk Ecovillage, situated on 120 acres of land, 6 miles south of Ithaca, NY. Right now there are 6 houses, the intention is for there to eventually be 30. We spent two nights there, in two different cozy beds made up for us by gracious hosts, and two mornings there, with two different delicious breakfasts cooked up for us by gracious hosts! More than anywhere else so far, we got to spend time with incredibly sweet and thoughtful children. One of our host family’s eldest sons, Isaiah, who is 10, made us tea from herbs that he collected from his garden – tulsi, bee balm, Echinacea, nettle, mint. Another family’s 2 year old son, Kai, reminded us to say what we were thankful for before eating the meal in front of us, and literally crawled in to a cage to spend time with a large pregnant rabbit. We spent one evening eating heaps of popcorn and playing a card game in which we were assigned roles as magical path building dwarves with penchants for stealing gems and thieving gold- it was the most wholesome and sweet way to spend time with a family. I had a blast watching these 3 little boys crack themselves up and yell loudly about swimming lessons and their favorite band, Iron Maiden. (ZUH?!)


Now Jess and I find ourselves in the home of a generous stranger, a woman named Jean who, along with her husband, John, owns 20+ alpaca, llamas, goats, chickens & geese (not for meat, JUST FOR FUN!) as well as 4 dogs, two of them Great Pyreness(es?) who might each weigh more than me. We met this kind couple last night, and they’ve offered up their basement apartment to us so we can spend one more day exploring Ithaca and its surrounding waterfalls before we head on to the Catskill Mountains tomorrow.


This trip, this project, remains as ever, a mind expanding, heart warming, soul thirst quenching labor of love in which Jess and I roll along from town to town feeling more and more blessed, lucky, powerful, hopeful, challenged, stretched, expanded, encouraged and excited.


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