Harper Cowan

8th October, 2014


In April, at a gathering at the magic Snaggy Mountain, we met a sweet, chatty man, a talented banjo picker, covered in tattoos. We spent less than a day together, although he was there to comfort us during the infamous “then I droo-o-o-ove over her guitar” incident. Anyhow, we knew immediately that there was much greatness to him, and we planned to go and visit him outside of Atlanta next time we found ourselves down South.

We rocked up to his house, early October. He and his long haired pals sitting around the table, smoking, playing instruments, cooking up dinner from a slew of fresh picked veggies. We settled in to Dylan’s (amazingly sweet) son’s room, 2 sleeping bags and a futon, and stayed for about 6 more days than expected.

Dylan feels like a long lost friend. He is just so sweet and strong – radiating hard work and kindness – a considerate, thoughtful and beautiful being. A shining example of the way to be. We stayed up late with him (or maybe we didn’t, anything past 9:30 feels late to me..) and his wonderful friends, drinking whiskey, playing music, expressing gratitude.

We spent our days around Atlanta exploring and lying down in parks, climbing trees, eating cookies and fried green tomatoes, buying long psychedelic dresses and sitting in bookstores.

harper cowan   IMG_8738

We also had a beautiful time at the Mammal Gallery Open Mic night, hosted by our new friend, Suz. There were so many talented performers, the place was decked out with toilet paper, blue and purple strobe lights, and a couple of dauschunds. We immediately fell in love with the voice of one Mr. Moses Nesh and followed him to his house the next day to record him singing – which we can share with you here!

Dylan introduced us to his amazing neighbor, Jeff, who is a biodynamic farmer. He bought his house in 2001 and has since turned it in to a magnificent oasis – growing tons and tons of food with his wife Donna and their son, Hubert. Biodynamic farming is a spiritual approach to agriculture, based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. There were crystals and bones strategically placed around the gardens, as well as an acute awareness of the cosmos and nature. They showed us around their property – rows of growing tomatoes, peas, okra, and we got tricked in to eating a flower Dylan calls “Toothache” (which should have been a red flag..) that feels like it explodes in to a ball of pins & needles in your mouth, and that stinging sensation stays there for about 30 minutes. So y’all can forget all the nice things I said about Dylan before!!



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