Harper Cowan

13th October, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.03.06 PMJess and I have spent 5 days at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. It was a lovely little pop up village that quickly felt like home. Filled with nice people and good intentions. Being at a festival again with my dear best friend felt so familiar, following her footsteps through the dark, shaking our shoulders and wriggling our hips to fiddles and banjos and bonfires.

We watched a soggy Monday morning unfold dazed and dirty people packing up tents, breaking down boxes. After our tent flooded in an epic demonstration of power from the sky, we spent the next 3 nights sleeping in the car, which we’re great at by this point. It’s filled to the brim with crystals, sleeping mats (thank you Dylan!), Spanish hats, oranges, some small bottles of amaretto, laptop chargers, mix cds and muddy shoes. Now here we are at the Laundromat – the best laundromat we’ve ever been to – there is free wifi, a snack machine, and Queen Latifah is apparently a talk show host now.unnamed

Tonight we will sleep on the sofa of a boy named Sam – we met his mom at the festival and she told us we had to meet her son, although in truth we had already clocked him working at the coffee barn where we huddled in the rain storm. Sam has a magical laugh, filled with sparkley eyes and Gumby like elbow throwing. He’s a sweet happy man and has graciously offered up his living room to these two not-quite-weary-travellers.

Today we will drive through the rain, stop at every thrift store we see to find Jess some dry shoes if we can, and carry on to Snaggy Mountain – our home for the next few weeks where we will cobble together a beautiful film with love and thanks in our hearts for all the sweet people, places and animals we’ve met along the way!



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