Harper Cowan

6th Feb, 2015 

I spent January in London, living amongst a group of some of my best friends and absolute favorite people. We are poor (very) in money but so rich in love, and we share with each other absolutely everything we’ve got, be it pizza, hot water bottle, or toothbrush.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.24.13 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-06 at 5.27.02 PMIMG_1853

I spent my days wandering around London, walking miles and miles with nowhere to get to.  Nights we spent together, playing music or cooking, passing around a whiskey bottle and reading poems out loud on Burns’ Night in our thickest and worst Scottish brogues. (Sorry Dad!) My favorite nights ended with a group sing along of “Lover, lover, lover” and my dear & inspirational friend Llew on the autoharp.


I thought it might be a real shock to the system — coming from spending the last 3 months of 2014 driving from farm to farm and living on a commune – to find myself in London, tall glass buildings and expensive train rides, but it really wasn’t. The love that exists between the people that I know here is not at all dissimilar to the love and lessons I saw happening in communities around America last year. We here work as a team, sharing everything, generosity stretching, sometimes sacrificing comfort for something even more rewarding.


I’ve been trying to bring more and more gratitude to my spiritual table, in keeping with my 2015 new year’s resolution. Trying to remember more to mention something when it makes me happy, not to be embarrassed to tell someone when I love them. It hasn’t been exceptionally hard to find things to be grateful for in the mild winter of this beautiful city, surrounded and supported by these generous, giving, joyful people, but there is always room for more love, more appreciation, isn’t there? I’m resolved to keep trying, to keep my eyes open wider and my heart farther out on my sleeve.



One thought on “London

  1. couldn’t get you on Skype so decided to read all about your visit to London and that made up for not seeing you. Keep up the good work but not the Scottish accent. I heard it when you were here. Love you loads and looking forward to seeing you in the flesh Your wee Grannie misses you.


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