Jessica Eve Watkins

12th April, 2015.

It’s been a year since Harper and I began Anima Rising. A lot has happened. We talk about it all the time. I get consumed by our world, and enraptured by reels of plans and goals and articles that need writing. There’s a masculine productivity to our calendar. My feet leave the ground and I forget to make meals and meditate and check that other friends are doing alright. And then I apologise and bake and sit still without my iPhone. I respect my overwhelming consumption though, and I don’t wish it away for a moment. It’s passion. I’m in love with something that I do for the first time in my life. It feels inspirational.


 Once we were all witches

I didn’t know I could hold so much, until a cosmic long-haired women from Queens steered me out onto the highway, 369 days ago, and opened my eyes to a new world. Together we have grown up quickly, in a way that makes me feel younger than I have in a while. I guess we’ve grown down. My mind has been levered opened and filled with an encyclopaedia of natural knowledge. Most of it ancient and sadly lost. Once we were all witches. I’ve learned how to make a house from clay, and farm by the moon, and to stop apologising for everything I do. To love what I do. I’ve listened to a hell of a lot of activists’ views on the current ecocide, and experienced first hand the touching, unseen love that so many devote to our world everyday. Scratch the surface and you’ll find planetary witchy worship is everywhere you go.

It’s been a year lived directly from my heart. I’ve held hands around fires in a wholesome way that once I might have smirked at. I’ve said grace for every meal, not to an exclusively Christian God, but to the Goddess of all things. I love more and I love harder. I’ve sung and played guitar in front of crowded rooms, danced across kitchens and under moons, brewed fresh herbal teas, and loved a long haired mountain man half a world away. I am a lucky, lucky being.


The magic is always right there in front of us

Harper and I have so many adventures up our sleeves. This year has been the beginning, and I sense so much more on the horizon. The secret seems to be gratitude – an awareness of the wonder that we get to dance through everyday. The magic is always right there in front of us, whether we choose to see it or not. I take time to note the miracles of nature and synchronicity as often as I remember to, and let the universe know I am utterly, utterly grateful and humbled to be allowed to live here on planet earth.

Bring on that big old open road.



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